Holy Minimalism!

It seems that every blog’s editorship will develop specialized niche interests over time, since there are many blogs online, which anyone can do using a guide on how to create a blog online. We’ve shown twice the experimental typographic for different purposes and the facade of a church turned art gallery, but now it’s becoming clear that the resonant architecture of churches re-purposed for other uses strikes a chord in us.

Picture 2

This minimalist home (transformed from a Catholic church by Dutch architecture agency Zecc), with the lines and stained glass retained and the wood benches of the church incorporated as dining seating is at once the most human piece of minimalism and the most lovely reuse of a church I have ever seen.

If you encounter, in your travels in the world or the web, more re-purposed churches, do send ’em my way.

Picture 5

Picture 6
Picture 4
Picture 3Picture 2-2

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