scientific adornment

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ve probably come to know that I love when design and science collide. One medium that lends itself naturally to that marriage is jewelry. Be they realistic or abstract representations, chemical or biological, natural or laboratorical (!), all of these lovely pieces were inspired by the shapes and forms found in science. The next time you need a geeky—yet fetching—gift (for anyone, including yourself), perhaps consider a purchase in the name of science. It’s for the greater good.






Row 1: Nervous System, Beth Cyr
Row 2: seapod, emily e.p.s.
Row 3: Molecular Muse, Itsnoname
Row 4: Nervous System (both)
Row 5: Nicholas and Felice, Contrariwise

4 comments to scientific adornment

  • Thanks for including our Atomic Sybol for Silver Earrings in this awesome blog post!

  • owentroy

    Looking at Nervous Systems blog I can’t help but feel they’re pretty scientific about developing their products too. Those 3D printed ring prototypes are all sorts of awesome.

  • how cool! i love science! thanks for including me in your collection 🙂

  • deb

    I have the serotonin necklace. I wear it everyday, I love it so much. I also purchased the theobromine (chocolate) molecule necklace.

    I happened upon after did a search for “science jewelry.” I also came across Nervous blog and bookmarked it, but lost all my bookmarks months later and I couldn’t remember the name of the blog.

    I found your site after doing yet another science jewelry search with the hope of finding Nervous. Good thing this blog is interesting (I’d never seen the life-size dollhouse before) because I lingered long enough to find Nervous again.

    Now, I’ll be bookmarking two sites! 🙂


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