Sorry for the lack of posts from Owen and me lately — we’ve been on vacation. We promise to have some fun posts about our trip soon, but before that happens, I thought I’d post a little something in honor of the latest postal rate increase.

The USPS has only released a handful of stamps at the new letter rate (44¢), but I’m pretty psyched about these new Simpsons stamps and think the new king and queen love stamps are pretty lovely. Hopefully they’ll release some new artist stamps soon like the Nevelson, Noguchi or Chales and Ray Eames ones. If none of the designs from the USPS suit you, they now link to a few different outside companies that will print your designs on postage stamps.

king and queen

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  • jgjertsen

    Those are neat. Especially the king & queen. With all the frequent changes in postage, they ought to have a whole suit of hearts: an ace would be 1 cent, 2 of hearts for 2 cents, etc.

  • wow, the king and queen stamps are the best love stamps they have had to date! Hooray! finally the invitations we stamp will look sophisticated and awesome!

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