What we’re buying…

We thought it might be nice on occasion to let you in on a few of the our recent etsy purchases that haven’t yet been featured in our weekly Etsy Schmetsy round ups. We wouldn’t want anyone having the misconception that only sell on and post about etsy — we are also frequent etsy shoppers. This week’s purchases are all made by Samantha and Jessica (tiniestj); it appears that Owen and Kirsten have been exhibiting a bit more budgetary control.



lampswhoopie pies

Read on for credits and comments.

Row 1:
Jessica has been coveting this Anatomical Mook from My Grey Sky for a while now and finally took the plunge. It will look fantastic in her new home.

Samantha purchased this fantastic embroidered note made by Katie from Dash of Magic. Katie will embroider a custom message if you’d like, though Samantha decided to stick with “So… I think I love you.”

Row 2:
Jessica is dying to receive these caramels from Galipette Paris Pastry Lab. She is a sucker for chocolate, salted caramel and things from France.

Row 3:
Jessica bought this pair of Vintage lamps from Uncommon Eye. She is super-excited to see how they look with exposed Ferrowatt bulbs.

Jessica has been on the search for a good whoopie pie, and these from Amy Bakes are sure to be a sweet treat.

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