TypograFriday: Linzie Hunter


Linzie Hunter‘s handlettered spam subject line series made a lot of buzz in the blogs a year back (and are now available as a postcard book from Chronicle Books) but we’ve recently rediscovered more examples of her awesome lettering. More images and words after the jump.


“Linzie Hunter is a freelance illustrator living in London, England. She’s Scottish though.” That’s the entirety of her profile on drawger, and I find it hilarious. Like Alida Rosie Sayer from last week, she’s from Glasgow. Pure coincidence (though I am seeing Frightened Rabbit next month so I suspect it’s more like a budding obsession). I think her illustration style is delightfully charming, and her lettering quirky-retro, like the late great Margaret Kilgallen but with a bright innocence.





Prints available at 20×200 and Thumbtack press. Her Coney Island print on the former sold out even the $200 and $2000 editions, wow! Tea towels are sold out from PataPri’s etsy shop. And if you know where to get that gocco print just let us know: our wall hungers for it.

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