Etsy Schmetsy: Grayellow

It came up on The Fashion Show the other week (admittedly on Merlin’s dress which got him kicked off): grey with yellow. I’ve been looking for it and thinking about it as a color combination a lot recently and it may be my new favorite. So effin beautiful together.

Credits and comments after the jump

Row 1:
Silk Headband
from gemdropsjewelry — Very Summery and fun.

Sip & Repeat cocktail sticks by misspicklespress — I want to go to this hostess’ party.

Retro Camera Print by CB78 — This shop also has some terrific scooter illustrations. Rad line style.

Row 2:
Nashville Warbler
from SandraHealy — I am very impressed with the quality of these models, and they’re totally reasonably priced.

Lightness Photograph by eyeful — I love how this print introduces the palest yellow and palest blue, without ever touching green, and pairs them with a warm grey. Delightful.

Barbie Dress on a Clothesline print from MichelleBrusegaard — I am torn as to whether I prefer this pale wash of yellow with grey or a more saturated, mustardy tone. Both look so fetching.

Row 3:
Sugar Plum Vines Photo
by urbandesign — Lovely. As it is with many of these pieces, the magic third ingredient is a warm white.

Preen Magnet from mincingmockingbird — We have a magnet by her that says “it’s hard out there for a finch.” Hilare. Oh! All her stuff (well-painted birds, usually saying rude things) is half off til tomorrow! Tell her we sentcha.

Double Circle Earrings by  TreAnelli — Mod, chic, very Samantha.

Row 4:
Mod Card Case
from  SewSaraBon — If you search for this color combo on Etsy, you will find one designer represented a whole lot: Amy Butler. She’s made several fantastic fabrics in this color scheme and lots of etsyians out there have made a range of awesome stuff using them; I didn’t want to crowd this roundup with pieces using her fabrics, but here’s one with a lively print cropped small.

The letter K Giclee Print from patchofsky — These painstakingly rendered rusted sign letters are quite interesting.

Grey and yellow dot pillow from Newleafworks — We’re keen on this new shop with pillows and bags made from sustainable wool felt, with modern cutout designs.

Row 5:
The best fish soup in Trondheim Linocut
by EvelyneBouchard — Her linocuts are gorgeous. This particular grey and yellow feels very nostalgic to me, like crayons. In a good way.

Vintage Tie Coin Purse from ccstar — Shout-outs for upcycling! Great reuse of a tie (though seriously, I would have loved this tie!)

Unfamiliar Topography Coasters from sagedesign — Topstitched felt geometric pattern coasters; pretty great.

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