Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre


I am totally enjoying Whilhelm Staehle’s Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre, his “modern spin on vintage tales with twisted turns.” I really like silhouettes in general, but the combination of the silhouette, Victorian imagery and the visual/literal puns is fantastic.

He’s showing at Comic Con, so if you happen to be in San Diego this weekend, go check out his stuff in the Small Press Pavilion.

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via Whorange

2 comments to Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

  • This is brilliant! Thanks for the intro to Mr. Staehle’s work. 🙂

  • I must thank Regina, from Fauxology, for leading me in your direction. I think this is just awesome. I had become interested in shiloutte’s when I began scrapbooking several years ago. I had stopped for a couple of years and have now restarted and also started doing art journaling. I just finished an art journaling class given by Mary Moss. She used several silhouette’s in class and this has really sparked my interest once again.
    As Regina said Mr. Staehle’s work is brilliant.

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