Etsy-Schmetsy: This is only a test



Mmmm, overprintalicious. Credits and comments after the jump.

A test print is when a sheet that is used for registration or proofing is allowed to be overprinted repeatedly. The built-up one-of-a-kind monoprints often have surprising beauty amidst their chaos. Many printers make reuse of their test prints, or keep layering until they have something special. The only silkscreen monoprint we have is the Lil Tuffy one I mentioned a few months back but I’ve got my eyes on some more:

  • Row 1 left: Earrings from mixandpour – I think halftone dot pattern overlays are a terrific accessory! Double sided no less.
  • Row 1 right: shirt from slowshirts – I have always liked Slow Loris’ linework, and several on top of one another is sort of amazing
  • Row 2 left: poster from thebungaloo – His Magnolia Electric Co. poster with the flowers is terrific, but this layered, explosive monoprint using ibe if uts screens is even better.
  • Row 2 right: poster from jetsah – Dan Grzeca’s posters border on painterly even when not test prints.
  • Row 3: Notebook from yeehaw – These come in saddlestitched and wire-bound and are overprinted letterpress. They are absolutely gorgeous.
  • Row 4 left: poster from strawberryluna – the composition and balance of many of her test prints makes me think she knows exactly what she’s doing making them. Beautiful, right?
  • Row 4 left: poster from youngmonster – This is one of those cases where the conjunction of the elements makes for something pretty special. Plus his test prints are so affordable I’m pretty sure he sold two of my favorites in the last few days since I started coming up with this list.

2 comments to Etsy-Schmetsy: This is only a test

  • Aww, what awesome over printing and test printing goodness you culled for this post! Thanks so much for including one of my test prints too. I love making them, maybe too much, hehe. So much fun and experimental color schemes come out of them.

    Thanks again!

  • What a fab bunch of test prints! I have a soft spot for those, I once had a book of Hatch Show prints (test prints) Oh, I wish I still had it, what a tragedy.

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