Typografimonday: Canadatype sale!


Attention loyal readers; one of the most prolific foundries around is having a spectacular half off everything sale for one day only this Monday. Get em while the US dollar’s worth somethin! Ten of our favorites after the jump.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I am really taken with contemporary blackletter.

I often want to make Trajan do tricks like this but it never obliges.

Elegant setting for sophisticated women or men who write as such.

A type so dimpledly cute, there’s no context where it doesn’t come across playful. I don’t want it to replace Cooper Black but I do want it to replace Gill Ultra Bold.

This is based on the handwriting of the grandma of a girl who used to crash at our place in her wild years. For real.

Ok, we’ve been putting off getting Univers but we often need a nice condensed sans (really I only love Univers for 55 and under anyway) and have been toying with plunking down the big bucks for Knockout. But I think half price Trump Gothic is the right path.

What is not to like?

Oh we have a new nephew as of Thursday, woohoo! He’s named Valor; we’ve been on the lookout for playful/cute medeivialia ever since we heard that one. This one makes the grade.

We love Clarendon, but we wouldn’t set a book in it. With Clarendon Text you really can (and dig the true italic.) Oh, and we did! (well, the client talked us down to headers and captions).


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