Etsy Schmetsy: Foxy!

One day I saw a red fox walking across the road. He stopped to look at me and we had a little moment (I took it as a good omen). Please enjoy these foxy finds from Etsy, in homage to my fox friend.


Row 1: Red Fox Print by Berkley Illustration; Winter Fox Original Wall Hanging by mummysam; Fox and Hare Print by traceface

Row 2: Butterscotch Tweed Fox by Sleepy King; The Duke Of NY Riding His Bike Print by matteart

Row 3: Mook with Fox Mask by ilovegreyskies; Little Red Fox – OOAK Needle Felted Plush by Magpie Felts; Fennec Fox Hand Embroidery Wall Hanging by muchodesign

Row 4: Foxy Fiddler Hand-Printed Letterpress Mini Calendar for 2010 by YeeHaw; Aiden the Red Fox by Nonesuch Garden; F Fox Embroidery Pattern by penguin & fish

Row 5: Fox Print by e.soule; Fox Chubbikin by erin ellis

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