TypograFriday: Si Scott

Si Scott is an illustrator/designer who has a distinctive (and widely imitated) explosive organic growth line style. Since exploding on the scene a few years back, he’s been all over the place. Here’s a few somewhat lesser-seen examples of his type work. If his work is new to you, please do yourself a favor and look at the rest.





Most of his typographic work uses bold sans serif type interspersed with fluid growth. All of it is done by hand with pen and ink!

Five more after the jump.

Back at my old employer, I posted this one on the fire extinguisher panel a few years back. It’s still one of my favorites, maybe because I tire of his heavy sans.


This one appears to be available as a signed limited edition A2 poster, that hasn’t entirely sold out, for forty pounds. Something about that seems too good to be true.


He’s been branching out and doing animals (to say nothing of gray tones) recently. This deer is pretty rad.


I was gonna get this car decal kit to designer-racecar-ize our black Mini Cooper, but Sam nixed it in about a second. It’d have been sweet though don’t ya think?


I love this piece, which adds to his standard repitoire of swirls and sans serifs two new elements: script and coastline, that all coordinate beautifully.


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