Etsy Schmetsy: Magnificent Merriment

‘Tis the season for holiday parties aplenty, so this week’s Etsy Schmetsy is dedicated to festive functions and swinging soirées!


Row 1: Vintage Scalloped Fabric Garland by Sweet Jessie; Vintage Silver Rim Numbered Glasses from The Sunday Times Market

Row 2: Moroccan Mint Tissue Poms by Prost to the Host; Dancing Limited Edition Print by Matte Stephens

Row 3: Origami Kusudama as a Lighted Lantern by Orange Guppy; Cherry Blossom Cupcake Stand by Whitney Smith; Snowflake Slip-On Coasters in Holiday Colors by Dimmalimm Home

Row 4: Snowflake Place Cards by Timeless Paper; Pretty Papercut Lanterns by Hannah Nunn

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