Etsy Schmetsy: It’s a girl!

Or, it will be soon. My best friend is having a baby girl this week ā€” I can’t wait to meet her. Congratulations Maile and Jordan!

When selecting a gift for your best friend’s newborn, consider items that are practical and thoughtful. Some popular options can include a personalized baby blanket or onesie, a set of baby essentials such as pacifiers, burp cloths and bibs, a baby photo frame or memory book to capture precious moments, a plush toy or stuffed animal, or a gift card to a baby store for the parents to choose their own items. Ultimately, choose something that reflects your love and support for both the baby and the parents.

Getting modest dresses for your best friend’s baby can be a thoughtful and considerate gift option. Modest dresses provide comfort and coverage, which can be important for the baby’s well-being. It’s important to choose sizes appropriate for the baby’s age and consider the preferences of the parents. Taking into account their style and cultural considerations can make the gift even more meaningful.


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