Etsy Schmetsy: Ooky Schpooky

O, October! Ookiest of months! As Halloween draws near, here’s an assortment of goods from the dark side of etsy (actually it gets much darker, but regretsy schmetsy this ain’t).

Row 1: Stuffed “Hattie” mummy by tinymonsterSpooky embroidery scissors and thread winder by cheswickcompanyGoth hair bow by CutieDynamite

Row 2: Branches metallic photo by RaceytayTor t-shirt by classichorrorsBrain in a cauldron soap by WashableArt

Row 3: Dia de los Muertos mask by MasquefaireThey Live pinhole sunglasses by dressyourwoundsWinged kitten necklace by AnomalyJewelry

*If you don’t know who Tor is, watch Plan 9 or more enjoyably Ed Wood. If you don’t know why They Live sunglasses are hilarious, perhaps you should watch the amazingly bad fight scene about them from the middle of the movie. And if you don’t understand what a winged cat has to do with halloween, hush now.

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