Just in Time, or A Short History of Production

I am a sucker for off-register process color, but a limited edition book printed one color at a time on this chain of obsolete printing technologies? Full of pictures of the changing technologies of mass printing? Oh yes please. From London-based designer Xavier Antin.

A book printed through a printing chain made of four desktop printers using four different colors and technologies dated from 1880 to 1976. A production process that brings together small scale and large scale production, two sides of the same history.

• MAGENTA (Stencil duplicator, 1880)
• CYAN (Spirit duplicator, 1923)
• BLACK (Laser printer, 1969)
• YELLOW (Inkjet printer, 1976)

Also available from Antin: Printing at Home, a book of recipes for hacking old inkjets to make, for instance, the brushjet printer, acid printer and potato wheel printer (shown)

via Beautiful/Decay

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