Flickr Mondays: Lenny&Meriel

I was thinking of doing a whole post on cyanotypes today, but then I saw these 2 pieces from Lenny&Meriel, and I thought they were pretty enough for their own post. I’m pretty much always a fan of the texture and tone in cyanotypes and I love the interaction between the circles and lines in these prints.

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  • This is really beautiful. I had never heard of cyanotype before seeing your post here. It’s funny, I’m a 4th generation commercial printer and over the years I’ve taken special liking to cyan singles of 4cp projects. People always thought I was funny for framing just the cyan single of a poster we printed years ago of lion. Probably doesn’t qualify as a cyanotype but whatever:)

    This is a great blog concept by the way!

    All the best!

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