Etsy Schmetsy: Loads of Totes

Whether you are carrying around a sketchbook and tools or you’re headed off to the flea market or grocery store, a tote is totally the accessory you need. It has become a vehicle for self-expression, more fashionable and functional than a tee shirt.


Row 1: LAYERxlayer; raeburn ink; Moop
Row 2: Bao Studio; The Small Object; Happy Cat
Row 3: Loyalty & Blood; Rainbow Swirlz; Sveika
Row 4: golcar house; Pat&Cake; Happy Family
Row 5: Ginnip; Lotay10; mycutehandbags



We’ve been holding off on posting about Jessica Hische’s awesome lettering because we wanted to see if she would participate in our artist interview series (something that would be much more likely if we actually contacted her). But, with today’s release of her first font Buttermilk, we felt at least a brief mention was in order. It is available at MyFonts for $49 — definitely worth checking out.

Made by Julene


Julene Harrison makes beautiful, intricate cut paper designs. If you contact her, she will even create a custom paper cut for you. Check out more of her work on her blog Made By Julene.


View more of Julene’s beautiful work after the jump.

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Welcome Cake Wreckers!

We just wanted to say a quick thanks to Jen from Cake Wrecks for tweeting about our Where the Wild Things Are post today. Also, we want to welcome her many, many readers who have clicked over to view The Experts Agree — we’re so happy you came by.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cake Wrecks, you should definitely check it out. Hideous cakes, misspellings, literalisms, and the commentary is fantastic. It is really, really hysterical. This one is the cake that started the blog, and it’s still one of our favorites.


James Bond redesign


The new covers for Penguin’s reprints of the James Bond book—designed by Michael Gillette—are really pretty fantastic. I think he did a great job capturing the 60s Bond look. Read more about Gillette’s experience with the redesign here, and buy the books here.

See a few more of the covers after the jump.

via Blanket Magazine

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TypograFriday: Newish Sites for Type Lovers

There are tons of websites out there for type fans. Here are three that we’re pretty excited about.


is a free online modular font creator from FontShop. I haven’t gotten a chance to play around with it yet, but from looking through the gallery, people have created some pretty impressive fonts.

Hype For Type

Hype for Type
is a relatively new site featuring fonts by independent type designers — sort of like an independent MyFonts. Here is what they have to say about it:

HypeForType is a hotbed of typographic talent. An online type foundry with a difference. A labour of love for founder Alex Haigh. In fact all this and more. It’s for anyone who has a passion for well crafted type, and nothing short of the highest quality. It’s the realisation of a vision to create a type foundry showcasing the best in today’s typographic talent, as well providing a platform for keen eyed creatives to find and buy truly unique, hand-crafted fonts to complement their work. HypeForType has an impressive catalogue of exceptional typefaces created by independent designers available to buy.


Typekit isn’t actually live yet, but you can keep up to date with their progess on their blog. Typekit just got funding (from people like the founders of twitter, flickr and wordpress) so they can continue with the development of their service. It sounds like it could be pretty awesome. In very basic terms Typekit is going to help designers to have more control over fonts they use on the web. Click here to read more about what Typekit will be.

Helen Musselwhite


As you might know, we are really into cut paper and paper sculpture. I just came across UK-based artist Helen Musselwhite‘s lovely paper sculptures. See more after the jump.

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Etsy Schmetsy: Feeling blue


Row 1: Erin Tyler Photography; Mi Bazaar Latino; Olivia Clare Designs
Row 2: Cosas Minimas by Blanca Gómez; Geninne’s Art Store; Studio MIK MIK
Row 3: Polaroids and Pinholes; poodlebreath

Tim Burton takes on Alice in Wonderland


Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is coming to theaters on March 5, 2010. From the few stills I’ve seen, the costume, casting and sets all look awesome. Plus, I am rarely disappointed by either Tim Burton or Johnny Depp (except, of course, Sleepy Hollow). You can read more about the movie here.


Takashi Iwasaki


Following my purchase of the new Carson Ellis patterns from Sublime Stitching, I took a look at the Sublime Stitching blog. On it there was a post on men who do embroidery; one of the artists featured was Takasi Iwasaki. He works in a number of other media, but I am really into his embroidered pieces. They have a dreamlike visual language reminiscent of Miró, Max Ernst or Dr. Seuss, but still sort of doodle-y and with something very of-the-moment in terms of color and pattern use.


Check out some more of Iwasaki’s embroidered work after the jump.

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