Etsy Shmetsy: sneer

Want to come across a bit edgier? Let Etsy help you cultivate a punk sneer!


Step 1: Make scornful fun of your own music taste and that of others using exquisite and hilaré  letterpress cards. “5 Things I have learned from the in-depth reading of Ice Ice Baby: The Extraordinary Vanilla Ice Story, an Unauthorized Biography” card from rookery, or this incredible the Smiths card from kseniya.


Step 2: accessorize a little ooky. You know, slightly Addam’s Family, slightly Ghost World. I recommend these old hi-fi pins from potatopotato with their beautiful vintage type. And/or this skeleton hands sweater clip from ItsASwindle — which of course necessitate wearing the right sort of sweater.


Step 3: reference the cult canon. For instance, VenusFlytrapJewelsBanksy cufflinks (a pirate edition of renegade art. Be sure to point out the irony). Or FableAndFury‘s Clockwork Orange prisoner number necklace, a reference so awesomely obscure it might as well be a tally of the cool points you garner by wearing it.


Step 4: Don’t forget! First, Prettiness can be punk (courtesy of BeatUpCreations) and, for god’s sake wear the shark shirt (courtesy of darkcycleclothing).

Etsy Schmetsy: It’s About Time

This week’s Schmetsy is about time, probably because I just can’t seem to find enough of it.


Row 1: Vintage Orange Yellow West German Alarm Clock from The Sunday Times Market; Children Wall Felt Clock by Evgie; The Clock Watcher Cross Stitch Pin by The Pin Pals

Row 2: Handmade Barnwood Clock by Nature Inspired Crafts; NY City Street Map Clock-Small by Gifted Papers; Digital Flip Clock Radio T Shirt by Sweet Babu

Row 3: Perpetual Necklace – 05 by (of)matter; Time Piece Necklace by Queen Bee Jewellery; Vintage Mechanical Alarm Clock Erevan from Armenia Soviet Union USSR from Clockwork Universe

Row 4: Modern Baby Clock – Hedgehog by decoylab; Embroidered Woodgrain Clock by Bliss in a Teacup; Help Me Rhonda Decoupage Clock by Trixie & Radar

Etsy Schmetsy: It’s a girl!

Or, it will be soon. My best friend is having a baby girl this week — I can’t wait to meet her. Congratulations Maile and Jordan!


Row 1: Studio1am; littlesaplingtoys; LaLaShoes
Row 2: nurserylove; Puddletonbaby; petitcollage
Row 3: qstar; littlealouette
Row 4: pioupioukids; ciuccio; boutiquejoule

Etsy Schmetsy: eat your veggies


Row 1: Organic Cotton Hand-Printed Produce Bag from paintedapple; Vegetable Print by Stockton; Emery Pincushion – Felt Peapod by dottyral
Row 2: Eat 5 A Day print from pixelandpost; Radicchio block print by drenculture; Hand Carved Carrot Stamp by EnchantingStamps
Row 3: Green Veggie Recipe Cards by DingbatPress; Eat Your Veggies – pinback button by BarrelOfMonkeys; Happy Veggie Magnets and Crate by vrielle42
Row 4: A Happy Eggplant from nataliemae; Hand Printed Fruit and Veggie Paper Gift Bag Set by silkoak; Veggie Alphabet – Learning Base Set by evgie

Etsy Schmetsy: Year of the Tiger

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. It’s the Year of the Tiger, so now you have a great excuse to adorn your walls, desk, head and so forth with the orange and black striped paragons of predatory cuteness. Here are ten handmade tigers (and one vintage one) from Etsy.


Row 1: Tiger Screenprint from milkbunnie; Baby Tiger Note Cards from FloatingPalace
Row 2: Tiny Tiger Baby from violetpi; Vintage Midcentury Tiger Planter from NiftyVintage; Year of the Tiger hat from Jackthemanabouttown
Row 3: Eye of the Tigers from dailyode; Sleepy Tigger from zime; Tiger Twins print rom WildLifePrints
Row 4: Year of the Tiger letterpress print from dutchdoor; Year of the Tiger Kitty from novarhyme; Nola the White Tiger from nonesuchgarden

Etsy Schmetsy: cmd-s for later



Row 1:

  • Susan Kare’s pointer arrow became an icon of GUI and computing in general and is sort of overused in, say, ads of the last 10 years. However this inverted oversized heavy duty pointer cursor pin from qwertyfun is pretty snazzy and comes in a a swell package.
  • Speaking of Susan Kare, Toybreaker maintains that her Paint bucket icon tie is done in collaboration with Diesel Sweeties. Now, I’ve loved me some DieselSweeties in my time but that paint can is totally Kare/Apple/MacPaint/1984. That said, its aliased diagonals work fantastic on the diamond end of a tie.
  • There are plenty of etsy sellers that make upcycled jewelry from keyboards, but these silver-bezel set fkey vol up/down key earrings by creativedexterity are some of the nicest I have seen.

Row 2:

  • Gotta love a command-z joke: nothing says “I am ready to regret this evening” than going out with it around your neck. Undo necklace by plastique.
  • While not as retro as much of the rest of this list, the Photoshop (Cs4) icon pillow by Craftsquatch makes me happy with its combination of cutting edge and fleece.
  • I think computer users from the 80s will appreciate the 25 conductor cable belt by digiBling. Pretty sure I remember this running to the print ribbon of my ImageWriter.

Row 3:

  • If I haven’t made it clear already, I was an Apple fan from the days of the rainbow logo and bauhausy “Cupertino” type. If I could pull off a mesh cap without looking totally absurd I’d totally rock the Vintage Apple trucker cap from housenmouse.
  • I may have to snatch up the circuitboard cufflinks on sale at VioletsNewVintage: yes circuitboard art may also be a cliche, but upcycled circuitboards are rarely cut with such considered composition; truly lovely.
  • Finally, we try not to feature the same sellers repeatedly on Schmetsies and I know I featured WeHateTShirts just last week with their Bill Murray shirt. However, when I looked at their shop last week I saw this Susan Kare (again) Smiley Mac/ITC Garamond Condensed/Brokeback Mountain mashup I wish I could force quit you shirt: the inspiration for this whole post.

Etsy Schmetsy: It’s me Ned. Ned Ryerson!

So yesterday was Groundhog’s Day, and Punxsutawney Phil did indeed see his shadow. Which means, for those of you not as up on minor holidays as us at the ‘Agree, six more weeks of winter. In honor of groundhogs, shadows and a long winter, here’s this week’s Schmetsy:




Row 1:

Groundhog Cupid rubber stamp by Rubberhedgehog

Vintage Paint by Number Painting by sweetcottagedreams

Groundhog money clip by SantanaBananaCompany

Row 2:

Shadows in the Snow pendant by ebonypaws

Tiny Groundhog by MossMountain

Shh Shadow felt coasters by studiowonjun

Row 3:

Bandit Groundhog by violastudio

Bill Murray shirt by WeHateTshirts

The Hirsute Hedgehog print by johnwgolden

Etsy Schmetsy: Handmade for Each Other

Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, and already we’re feeling the love in the air. Or maybe that’s just the incessant rain. While we have some great ideas for cards for your honey, here’s some other delightful valentine’s ideas from Etsy.


Row 1: Bears in Love from kgrandey; Ellen Navy and Red Silk Garter Belt by Hopeless; Mirabelle lace necklace by whiteowl
Row 2: XOXO Kisses and Hugs Letterpress Prints by YeeHaw; Mustache Cups Set by JaekieLou
Row 3: I Love You – Chic Message Bearer Bowl by lovegrowsbygiving; cross my heart. yo-yo from somethingshidinghere; Heart Skeleton Key Pendant in Sterling Silver with Diamonds from michellechangjewelry

Etsy Schmetsy: Rain Rain Go Away

Here are a few lovely finds from Etsy to brighten your rainy days.


Row 1: Rainy Day Letterpress Card by Letterpress; Teeny Rainy Day Studs by joannarutter; Marie Collection buttons by fashionfucsia
Row 2: Sewn paper raindrop garlands from kategreiner; Stag / Umbrella pinback button/badge set by PinkParakeet
Row 3: Bumbershoot Keyring from clevergirl; Birdies in the Rain Print by joom; Little Black Raincloud from damestarbaby
Row 4: Mademoiselle under the rain print by blancucha; Two Puddle Jumpers by 3LambsGraphics; Girl and Umbrella — Limited Edition Print by cabin

Etsy Schmetsy: New Leaves

Happy New Year! In honor of new year’s resolutions, the first Etsy Schmetsy of 2010 is inspired by all who are turning over a new leaf.


Row 1: Leaf Wall Wear in Vintage Metal Frame by neawear; Leaf ID Memory Game Set by thewhimsytree

Row 2: Petite Gold Vermeil Geranium Leaf Earrings by irisjewelrydesign; 09.01.09 Original Botanical Mixed Media by thepairabirds; Brondby Everyday Purse by ikabags

Row 3: Deer Leaf Wooden Wall Hanging by Smilingmoon; Chestnut Large Hand Embroidered Original Wall Art by HAREandDRUM

Row 4: Leafs Print by dekanimal; Large Gold Skeleton Leaf Earrings by roundabout

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