Etsy Schmetsy: Magnificent Merriment

‘Tis the season for holiday parties aplenty, so this week’s Etsy Schmetsy is dedicated to festive functions and swinging soirées!


Row 1: Vintage Scalloped Fabric Garland by Sweet Jessie; Vintage Silver Rim Numbered Glasses from The Sunday Times Market

Row 2: Moroccan Mint Tissue Poms by Prost to the Host; Dancing Limited Edition Print by Matte Stephens

Row 3: Origami Kusudama as a Lighted Lantern by Orange Guppy; Cherry Blossom Cupcake Stand by Whitney Smith; Snowflake Slip-On Coasters in Holiday Colors by Dimmalimm Home

Row 4: Snowflake Place Cards by Timeless Paper; Pretty Papercut Lanterns by Hannah Nunn

Etsy Schmetsy: Counting the days

With 2010’s imminent arrival, it’s time replace your calendar. These beautiful handmade finds from etsy — ranging from classic to conceptual — are sure to be a great addition to your desk or wall.


Row 1: VikDesign; catseto; curiousdoodles
Row 2: katemajoie; mooninjune
Row 3: pistachiopress; ilsahan; bheuer
Row 4: sefora; girlingearstudio; niseemade

Etsy Schmetsy: Tea Towel Time


Row 1: claudiagpearson; MichelleBrusegaard; wonderthunder
Row 2: PataPri; ChezSucreChez
Row 3: inklore; cicadastudio; MrPS
Row 4: juliepeach; kalla; Yunny

Etsy Schmetsy: Autummmmm

Hope you enjoy this week’s super-sized Schmetsy celebrating the colors of Fall (and some of the greens, blues and grays that go so well with them)!


Row 1: patkas; julieandco; lilacpop
Row 2: PetitesCuriosites; delainie; huebyjennyhouston
Row 3: mylittlebuffalo; PinkSaguaro
Row 4: bomobob; HAREandDRUM; labpartners
Row 5: adornnatural; simplyprettyprints; sollinero
Row 6: focuslineart; lulubugjewelry; lupin

Etsy Schmetsy: All the buzz

This week’s Etsy Schmetsy is devoted to our dear little friend, the bee.


Row 1: Bee Gurumi Crochet Pattern by Luvly Gurumi; Bee 25 Original Oil Painting by Roz Art; Honeybee Screenprint by Jason Hill Design

Row 2: Zinnias and Bees by unitedthread; Honey Bee Felt Brooch by she rides the lion; Honey Gold 2 Necklace by J2Jewelry

Row 3: Sweet Hive Earrings by AchAchLiebling; Sweet Bee Original Oil Painting by ModernSky; Plush BumbleBee by BombusLane

Etsy Schmetsy: Purses!

Purses, handbags, pocketbooks, clutches; they’re all fantastic in my book. If you too are a handbag afficionado, you owe it to yourself to check out these lovely finds from etsy.


Row 1:
This gorgeous metallic upcycled vintage clutch by brittnilaur will be a hit at any holiday fête.
I think this clean, classic black-and-white clutch from JuliaSherryDesigns is lovely and its bright pink dupioni lining really pushes it over the top.
This bag from bagonia was the inspiration for this week’s Schmetsy — I love the modern, feminine take on an old-fashioned doctor’s bag.

Row 2:
Owen bought me this bag from neikodesigns a few years ago for my birthday and it remains one of my favorites — I always get compliments when I carry it and it is incredibly well made.
I always like DrikaB‘s color and fabric combinations, and the Red Salander Wristlet doesn’t disappoint.
I couldn’t resist including a second bag from bagonia; it is just adorable.

Row 3:
I love the texture and detail on this Ninfea (water lily) bag from ninu.
While I do love little bags, I have a tendency to carry a lot of stuff and this Rabbit bag from artoncrafts seems large enough to schlep all my stuff and then some.
This mini-clutch in its de Stijl-esque fabric from Bagitarian would be equally cute on its own or carrying essentials in a larger bag.

Etsy Schmetsy: Cozying Up

Living in San Francisco, we’re all used to schlepping tons of layers around with us — I always have a pair of arm warmers in my bag and generally carry a scarf. While these lovely Etsy finds are always appropriate in San Francisco, for those of you who actually experience seasons, they will help ease your transition into the cooler weather in style.


Row 1: Overcast; DeNovoStyle; kmknits
Row 2: deliriumkredens; rimadesigns; adventuresofjr
Row 3: CoquelicotSalon; adventuresofjr; ToastyKnits

Etsy Schmetsy: Dia de los Muertos

In honor of the season, this week’s Etsy Schmetsy is inspired by el Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead or All Souls’ Day), with a special tribute to these fantastic Star Wars calaveras gocco serigraphs by Mis Nopales Art (first row).


First Row: Star Couple, Chewbacca Calavera and Ewok Calaveras Limited Edition Gocco Serigraphs by Mis Nopales Art

Row 2: X-Large Blank Sugar Skulls by Licorice Tree; Day of the Dead Kitty Large Magnet by Illustrated Ink; Ignacio Dia de los Muertos Painted Gourd Calaca Skull Wall Ornament by Ay Mujer

Row 3: Dia del Muerto Cookies by FunFavors; Small Bright-Colored Skull Garland by Raw Bone Studio

Row 4: Mini Day of the Dead Shrine Magnet by krakenmosaics; Dia de los Muertos Skull and Rose Necklace by Sparklynn; Let’s Dance Skull Fiesta Gift Tags by wearwolf

Row 5: Cupid Muerte Dead Reindeer by Carmela Jay; The Little Skeleton and Coffin of Mr. Felix R. Schmidt by WalkerWorld; Dia de los Presidentes Muertos Linocut by Monstrous Industries

Etsy Schmetsy: Spooky, cute and handmade.


Row 1: Little Vampire Hair Clip from emandsprout; Custom Haunted Mansion embroidery from giddygirlie; Ghost Friends Necklace by marymaryhandmade
Row 2: Creepy Crawly Spider Cross Stitch by youheartus; Handsoap set from foliage
Row 3: Ode to Romero pillows from brokesy; Hand Engraved Glass Candle Holders from daydreemdesigns;  Love devil from Mariska
Row 4: Halloween Faces Garland from paperacorn
Row 5: Skeleton Finger Puppet from cherylasmith; Halloween cookies from TSCookies; Pop-up Cat card from tracychong

Etsy Schmetsy: Foxy!

One day I saw a red fox walking across the road. He stopped to look at me and we had a little moment (I took it as a good omen). Please enjoy these foxy finds from Etsy, in homage to my fox friend.


Row 1: Red Fox Print by Berkley Illustration; Winter Fox Original Wall Hanging by mummysam; Fox and Hare Print by traceface

Row 2: Butterscotch Tweed Fox by Sleepy King; The Duke Of NY Riding His Bike Print by matteart

Row 3: Mook with Fox Mask by ilovegreyskies; Little Red Fox – OOAK Needle Felted Plush by Magpie Felts; Fennec Fox Hand Embroidery Wall Hanging by muchodesign

Row 4: Foxy Fiddler Hand-Printed Letterpress Mini Calendar for 2010 by YeeHaw; Aiden the Red Fox by Nonesuch Garden; F Fox Embroidery Pattern by penguin & fish

Row 5: Fox Print by e.soule; Fox Chubbikin by erin ellis

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