Nuria Mora

I am loving Nuria Mora’s street art. Her combination of color and pattern is really great. Plus looking at these photos is making me fantasize about more places to travel. I definitely recommend heading over to her site to check out more of her work — so much of it is really lovely.

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the selby

If you’re like me and love seeing what people’s homes look like inside and out, take a peek at the selby. One place that looks lovely to me is the home of Dan Martensen and Shannan. Funny how I’m drawn to rustic places out in the country when I was so opposed to that sort of thing growing up in one.


Sandbox Bakery

sandbox logo
While we are not foodbloggers here at the Experts Agree, we do like to share magical things when we find them. Such is the case with the recently opened Sandbox Bakery on Cortland. On a relatively unassuming block, past the bustle of Cortland proper and on the edge of where the neighborhood slides downhill to Bayshore, sits what may be my new favorite bakery in town. Sorry Tartine, sorry Cottage Bakery.


The owner is Japanese, and the bakery is done in the Japanese way, which is to say, sort of perfectly. The scones and muffins are adorably diminutive: the sort of size you’d criticize them for were it not that they are super yummy and also not-overpriced. There’s a selection of the usual favorites: fruit and nut scones; almond, chocolate and plain croissants; morning rolls; challah; etc. Then some plainly Japanese items: melon pan, curry [beef] pan. In the name of science, I am eating my way through the options, and I have yet to get to these last.


They also make, on occasion and in small batches, sandwiches. There’s a pink lady apple and gruyere on fresh multigrain roll I’ve had several times (to obtain a scientifically viable sample set!) and then earlier this week they had “burgers” of sushi rice buns and marinated tofu inside: delicious, filling and maybe $4.50?

Their coffee: Ritual Roasters or De la Paz, brewed individually. Their staff, hip and sweet and serene. From the fixtures to the details, everything is just so.


All images are from the Sandbox bakery site except the last shot which was done using Hipstamatic.

International Year of Astronomy


Apparently this year is the International Year of Astronomy. Simon Page created this beautiful series of posters for the IYA09 as a self-promotional project. Apparently the IYA09 learned about Simon’s project, agreed that the posters are lovely and will be using them in their promotional work.

The posters are available for purchase here.


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drops of sweetness




These sugar drops by Joon&Jung make me want to put sugar in my coffee every morning.

textures + colors






These are photos from my mini-road trip this past weekend along the coast (off Highway 1, starting from San Francisco and ending in Pescadero). So amazing how many interesting textures and vivid colors there are out along the ocean. Enjoy!






I am never disappointed with Sessùn‘s clothing line. Maybe because it reminds me of France…

TypograFriday: No Futura



Paul Renner’s Futura is an amazing typeface, equally adept at playing 60s modernism as timelessly contemporary cool. Some have made iconic use of it: A. Volkswagen (an Erik Spiekermann variant), B. fave-director Wes Anderson (not just for titles but in-film signage), C. Barbara Kruger (bold italic), D. Draplin Design Co./Field Notes and E. Ikea… whoops, until now.


Yes that’s right. Ikea just switched from their bold, iconic use of Futura to Verdana, and their stated reasoning reflects a very poor thought process. They want to use the same type for all countries, including Asian ones, and Verdana has Asian character sets. And yet: there’s tons of modern monoweight Asian character sets that would match Futura perfectly well. They want to match the web to print. Yes, that does get a bit tricky, but other companies have found workarounds, and besides haven’t these people read “Harrison Bergeron“? Handicapping your display signage by putting it in a web text face just so that everything can match, for shame! So Futura doesn’t have Asian characters: Verdana doesn’t have effin display weights, it’s made for onscreen legibility! Use it large (as Ikea is bound to do) and it looks plain goofy instead of awesome like big Futura. Will every piece of furniture be available only in websafe colors?

There’s a lot of outcry and discussion on this (see designer discussion on typophile, mostly nondesigner discussion on metafilter, a good visual post on idsgn, the online petition, sets on flickr, etc.) and our hope is they quickly reverse their decision. The CIO claims that their identity is not wrapped up in Futura, but we disagree. See this 1965 catalog for what we mean.


The Nature Lab

Etsy’s blog, The Storque, posted a really lovely feature on the Nature Lab at RISD. In all honesty, parts of the Nature Lab freaked me out a little, and I didn’t end up spending a ton of time there. But, it is a remarkable, totally unique space and an amazing resource for the RISD community — watching the video definitely made me miss school. After you watch the tour of the lab and interview with the curator (above), click here to view the flickr set of images taken during the shoot.

installations that wow me.




These installations by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck are stunning. If only I could fit one of these in my apartment!

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