Made by Julene


Julene Harrison makes beautiful, intricate cut paper designs. If you contact her, she will even create a custom paper cut for you. Check out more of her work on her blog Made By Julene.


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Etsy Schmetsy: krafty!

Kraft paper, cardboard, chipboard: the experts are all suckers for the stuff. Here’s a little tribute to the versatile beauty of a simple material.





Row 1: Classic Girl Moleskine Cahiers Journal by cutiepie company; Vintage Button Gocco Badges by asking for trouble; Bark Personalized Notes by Earmark

Row 2: Plan B [Escape]  Moleskine Cahier Journal by shoofly; Object – Stone  by layerbylayer; Procyon Loto Raccoon Cards by his wendy

Row 3: Cooking Sweets Silkscreen Poster by dirty bandits; Screenprinted Wall Hanging or Wrapping Paper by arugula press; Lucky Feather by The Paper Apartment

Row 4: Buck Jr. Deer Trophy by Cardboard Safari; Repurposed Cardboard Pen by beetnik505; Little Playhouse by doggiepiggie

Takashi Iwasaki


Following my purchase of the new Carson Ellis patterns from Sublime Stitching, I took a look at the Sublime Stitching blog. On it there was a post on men who do embroidery; one of the artists featured was Takasi Iwasaki. He works in a number of other media, but I am really into his embroidered pieces. They have a dreamlike visual language reminiscent of Miró, Max Ernst or Dr. Seuss, but still sort of doodle-y and with something very of-the-moment in terms of color and pattern use.


Check out some more of Iwasaki’s embroidered work after the jump.

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Etsy Schmetsy: Pretty in Porcelain (and clay)


Credits and comments after the jump.

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installations that wow me.




These installations by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck are stunning. If only I could fit one of these in my apartment!

Contemporary Embroidery

I’ve been thinking a lot about embroidery since we featured Evelin Kasikov’s awesome embroidered CMYK typography. But, Evelin Kasikov isn’t the only contemporary artist putting a new spin on this ancient art form. If you’re into embroidery — and even if you aren’t — you should definitely check out the three artists below.

Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart is generally credited with making embroidery cool again. She’s provided hip embroidery patterns to the masses since 2001 with her company Sublime Stitching. In her personal work, she makes amazingly intricate portraits.


Diem Chau

Diem Chau makes really lovely sculptures of dinnerware and embroidery.


Lauren DiCioccio

I’d seen some of Lauren DiCioccio’s prints on 20×200, but just discovered her embroidered work. I wish I’d seen it a lot sooner, because I think it is awesome. The newspaper front pages are probably my favorite, but the 35mm slides are pretty great too.


Read on to see a few more pieces by each of these artists.

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happy fambly

I know I’ve raved about ememem‘s felted bears before, but I just received two more and I could not be happier. The three make such a scrumptious little fambly (or “family” to the layperson), I just had to share.


What we’re buying…

We thought it might be nice on occasion to let you in on a few of the our recent etsy purchases that haven’t yet been featured in our weekly Etsy Schmetsy round ups. We wouldn’t want anyone having the misconception that only sell on and post about etsy — we are also frequent etsy shoppers. This week’s purchases are all made by Samantha and Jessica (tiniestj); it appears that Owen and Kirsten have been exhibiting a bit more budgetary control.



lampswhoopie pies

Read on for credits and comments.

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Etsy Schmetsy: Lovely, lovely lace, lace, lace.

As some of you may know, I love lace. I am so intrigued by the femininity and intricacy of the patterns: so delicate, yet structural. Here are some delightful lace and lace-inspired finds from Etsy that I’m loving at the moment.





Row 1: Recycled Canvas and Lace Tote Bag by Forest Bound; Abelina Lace Necklace by Fox & Clover; Antique Linen and Lace Sachet by Tuttie Lou

Row 2: Laced Ring by All Those 3hrees; Greer Necklace by tree & kimball; Soft French Lace Bag by tortilla girl

Row 3: Saffron Headband by teeny house bunny; Spool of Lace by The $5 French Market; Lace Ring No. 1 by Masami Kelly

Row 4: Carved Lace Vase by Mad Hatter Ceramics; Trompe L’oeil Lace Embellished Canvas Bag by Show Pony; Leila Clutch by Percy Handmade

custom cake toppers

I have a number of friends who are planning weddings right now, that, in addition to the fact that we design wedding invitations,  makes me spend quite a bit of time thinking about weddings. There are endless ways to infuse your personality into your wedding, but one very simple place to do it is with some great cake toppers. These three designers offer some awesome customization options so you can get cake toppers that are exactly what you are looking for.

tophatdetailveil detailhalloween detail

with archorangewith dog

The Small Object makes fantastic crafty custom toppers. She even has a cupcake version available. To view the huge variety of toppers that The Small Object custom made, click here.

e_wed_cake_topChris Collicott_wedding_figures_lg

My sister gave us these molded resin cake toppers, designed by Chris Collicott, to use at our wedding. They are sold individually so you can mix and match gender and color. They are a great option for people who are looking for a very clean, modern design. Available at Zipper Gifts.


These adorable merino wool cake toppers are from Yu Yu Art. Though I initially thought they were tiny, they are about 8-inches tall. I love the vintage-ish feel that these have. You can see a ton more of these fabulous toppers here.

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