Etsy Schmetsy: Foxy!

One day I saw a red fox walking across the road. He stopped to look at me and we had a little moment (I took it as a good omen). Please enjoy these foxy finds from Etsy, in homage to my fox friend.


Row 1: Red Fox Print by Berkley Illustration; Winter Fox Original Wall Hanging by mummysam; Fox and Hare Print by traceface

Row 2: Butterscotch Tweed Fox by Sleepy King; The Duke Of NY Riding His Bike Print by matteart

Row 3: Mook with Fox Mask by ilovegreyskies; Little Red Fox – OOAK Needle Felted Plush by Magpie Felts; Fennec Fox Hand Embroidery Wall Hanging by muchodesign

Row 4: Foxy Fiddler Hand-Printed Letterpress Mini Calendar for 2010 by YeeHaw; Aiden the Red Fox by Nonesuch Garden; F Fox Embroidery Pattern by penguin & fish

Row 5: Fox Print by e.soule; Fox Chubbikin by erin ellis

TypograFriday: We need restraint

We have a problem with prints. Too many, not enough walls, and we keep seeing and buying more that we like. We have tried being more discerning: saying “no” to handlettering genius Ray Fenwick at Tiny Showcase this week was tough for instance.


Then Johno, typeblogger extraordinaire, comissioned a reasonably-priced limited edition letterpress “Typography” print set in Restraint by Marian Bantjes. I mean seriously how many words in that sentence aren’t fantastic? “In” and “a?” The print is gorgeous, the best use of Restraint we’ve seen yet (its interesting usage agreement keeps you from seeing it just anywhere). And over at the site of the printer, Typoretum, you can see pictures of the magnesum printing plate (so much prettier than photopolymer).



Here’s the Ray Fenwick print that we “showed restraint” and didn’t buy this week. Love the text.


And here’s the print I covet most of all, by Studio on Fire for the College of Visual Arts. Houston, we have a problem.


MOR Cosmetics


Lovely packaging by MOR cosmetics.






I am never disappointed with Sessùn‘s clothing line. Maybe because it reminds me of France…

Modern Economy Sample Sale


There is a 48-hour Modern Economy Sample Sale starting tomorrow at 9 am (PST). This time it is online, so you don’t need to be in San Francisco to get deals on pieces from this impressive list of artists and designers.

Typografimonday: Canadatype sale!


Attention loyal readers; one of the most prolific foundries around is having a spectacular half off everything sale for one day only this Monday. Get em while the US dollar’s worth somethin! Ten of our favorites after the jump.

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Etsy-Schmetsy: This is only a test



Mmmm, overprintalicious. Credits and comments after the jump.

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Home Sweet Home

While we’re on the subject of lovely prints with scroll-y lettering, Seb Lester has just released this limited edition print, Home Sweet Home. It is printed in white on Mirri paper that shifts color depending on the angle it is viewed at. It seems really rad. Check out the video below to see the color change in action.


His show at Electrik Sheep Gallery opens this Thursday, so if you happen to be in Newcastle, you should check it out; I bet it will be awesome.

TypograFriday: Linzie Hunter


Linzie Hunter‘s handlettered spam subject line series made a lot of buzz in the blogs a year back (and are now available as a postcard book from Chronicle Books) but we’ve recently rediscovered more examples of her awesome lettering. More images and words after the jump.


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Color Me Marvelous

I have yet to see these in person, so I can’t fully vouch for their greatness, but conceptually they are fantastic. Artist David Crotty has created a set of three coloring books based on scenes from Grey Gardens. I can’t wait for mine to arrive.



For those of you who are not familiar with Grey Gardens, it is the amazing 1975 documentary by Albert and David Maysles that takes place in the crumbling estate of the same name and depicts the lives of “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale. The documentary has an enormous cult following, and the Edies’ story has inspired a Broadway musical, an HBO film and numerous books and film studies.

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