Liberty Puzzles

I’m not really a puzzle person, but the super-intricate wooden puzzles from Liberty Puzzles might make me change my mind. They are pretty awesome looking when disassembled — the pieces aren’t your typical jigsaw puzzle shapes, but instead relate to the final puzzle image. The puzzles come in a wide range from vintage posters to Asian art and Impressionist masterpieces, plus they can even make custom puzzles with your own picture.

We Present: The Experts’ Holiday Gift Guide

We experts are feeling a bit behind on the whole holiday shopping thing this year. We figured some of you might be as well, so we present to you our last-minute gift guide. Since we are having a ton of trouble coming up with gifts for all the people in our lives, here are some things we like — maybe someone in your life will like them too. Happy shopping and happy holidays.

Jessica’s Picks

Top row: As some of you know, I LOVE insects. I have a small collection already, but I somehow have no butterflies. So, this beautiful Peacock Swallowtail Butterfly Display by Bug Under Glass would be the perfect addition to the family.
As for the perfect edition (I am clearly a master of the clever segue),  The Open Daybook by David P. Earle is essentially a perpetual calendar created by hundreds of artists, each interpreting a day of the year.

Bottom row: Come on. Gold. Deer. Measuring cups. There is absolutely no way around me wanting these Enchanted Buck Measuring Cups.
These Chocolate Wafer Cookies from Miette are a simple, sophisticated way to satisfy my sweet tooth. Delish!
In the age of digital photography, I am still a sucker for instant-film cameras, so the FujiFilm Instax Mini 25 Instant Film Camera is a must-have.

And, as far as I’m concerned, teeny-tiny gold frames add a touch of class to pretty much everything.

Samantha’s Picks

Row 1: I think I may need to upgrade my apron wardrobe to include to the Handy Cooking Guide Apron which has cooking tips and conversions printed right at the bottom. So smart and nice looking too.
I love taking pictures, but I hate looking like a tourist with a huge SLR slung over my shoulder. The Cloak Camera Bag seems like the perfect solution. It looks like a bag, but it give you easy access to your camera so that you can shoot pictures without removing it from the bag.

Row 2: How cool would it be to have a bunch of Vintage Globes?
Oh, how I wish I had unlimited funds and could buy a set of Cherner chairs for my dining room…a girl can dream.
The Glasses from Warby Parker seem really awesome. They are all $95, when you buy a pair of glasses, they give a pair to someone in need and plus they are super stylish.

Row 3: I haven’t actually  used the L Letterpress, but I am soooo curious about it. Teeny Tiny letterpress, yes please.
I actually bought  these beautiful wooden earrings from molly m designs while taking a break at Bazaar Bizarre. I think her work is great.
I have long admired Sara Paloma’s work and love her White Matte bottle Collection — I just need more space so I can have this in my house.

Kirsten’s picks

I’m always a fan of anything that looks handmade/natural. Although a lot of these pieces are out of my budget, one can always admire from afar! Hope you all find these helpful or at least somewhat inspiring when doing last-minute holiday shopping!

From top to right: Ring of Light Lamp, Kuba Cloth Pillow, Heirloom Recipe Card Box, Pictorial Websters, Blades of France Knife Set, Natural Horn Cups, Herbs of Provence, Jamie Rosemary Olives, Tallba Pine Soap, Branch Bit Stopper, Vintage French Lamp

Owen’s Picks

A. I have a suit from Dutchess and it’s beyond amazing. It’s the sort of fancy suit that makes you want to wear fancy suits, and get more. The Carnaby is high-buttoning mod cut, and it’s delightful. They have my measurements though my gut’s gotten bigger since they took em.
B. MaxineDear makes one-of-a-kind belt buckles from old hardcover books. Right now she has this yellow script Zoology one that is pretty dang rad. Be the first, and only, person to wear it!
C. These classic-but-slightly-shiny sonic ties are woven from 50% audio tapes — and freakishly cool, you can run a tape head over them and get audio.
D. Nixon watches are often awesome. This yellow/gold Newton is pretty blingy but also pretty pretty.
E. I’ll feel like a character from a recent William Gibson book wearing these handmade (in Namibia) vegetable-dyed Kudu Velskoen. Note the near-future tense of this sentence.
F. Do you know someone who doesn’t read Graphic Novels? For a few decades the answer to this sort of situation was considered to be Maus. Now there’s Asterios Polyp (for designery friends), Blankets (for emo sorts) and Fun Home (for gay/theory sorts) — all of which are absolute masterpieces that’d make great introductions to the form.

FLICKR MONDAYS-Lauren “look left and look right”

Happy Monday All!

These landscapes shots of beautiful Canada are leaving me so excited to visit there again! Canada is one of those places that I keep wanting to go back for more. Such a beautiful place, and I’ve seen so little of it.

More photos here.

Etsy Schmetsy: Ho Ho Holidays!

With Christmas quickly approaching, we felt a holiday schmetsy was in order. This week’s schmetsy leans a little more vintage than normal, but there are so many awesome vintage Christmas finds, I couldn’t help my self. Enjoy!

**UPDATE: TimberGreenWoods would like to offer a 10% discount to our readers off any order from their shop. Enter the code theexpertsagree at checkout.

** UPDATE #2: In case you miss it in the comments, silhouetteshop is offering a 15% discount on their stockings. Just use promo code EXPERTS at checkout.

Row 1: CathodeBlue; silhouetteshop**; MrFilthyRotten
Row 2: witandwhistle; uncommon; Vintage4Vintage
Row 3: LaVignette; presentandcorrect; JuJuToo
Row 4: TimberGreenWoods**; WinterNook; 5gardenias
Row 5: ionascloset; MagiaMia; ismoyo

Shop Handmade & Local for the Holidays!

Owen and I will be selling at two craft sales at Fort Mason this season. The first, the RISD Alumni Holiday Art Sale is this Sunday, December 5th. We have done this sale for a few years and it is a pretty great time seeing the variety of work our fellow alumni have been up to. Here’s Owen’s writeup of last year’s show.

RISD Alumni Holiday Art Sale — San Francisco
Sunday, December 5
Fort Mason Center, Building A
9:30 am to 5 pm

Next weekend, December 11-12, we will be selling at Bazaar Bizarre along with Experts Agree coeditor Jessica (tiniestj). It looks to be the best one yet: the vendor  lineup is well-curated and there’s even food trucks and cocktails involved.

Bazaar Bizarre
Saturday and Sunday, December 11-12
Fort Mason Center (Herbst Pavilion)
Saturday: 12  to 5 pm; plus the new Cocktails & Crafts Party 7 to 10 pm
Sunday: 12 to 6 pm
**Admission to the sale is free. Admission to the Cocktails & Craft Party is $10 — advance tickets can be purchased here **

We’ll be selling our new teeny-tiny calendars, a new gocco print, notebooks, gift tags, and of course our holiday (and other-occasional) greeting cards. And if you missed out on Jessica’s fantastic handstamped Max Fischer extracurricular activities pencil set when she sold out of them in a few hours last time, Bazaar Bizarre is the time to resolve that problem.

Photography-Katie Quinn Davies

Sorry for the delayed posting! These beautiful photos from Katie Quinn Davies reminds me how beautiful food can be. I’m already missing the delicious Thanksgiving food!

Sorry for the “X’s” in the upper right-hand corner–these are screenshots taken from her site.

More photos here.

Etsy Schmetsy: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Row 1: PubliqueShop; claudiagpearson; ItzFitz
Row 2: restruct3; fruitsaladvintage; daisychestnut
Row 3: angeldogdesigns; isabelleabramson; EmmaDemmaDo

Jill Sylvia

Aren’t these pieces from artist Jill Sylvia so lovely? Since they combine some of my favorites, ledgers and cut paper (speaking of which, I cannot wait for my copy of Tree of Codes to arrive!), it probably comes as no surprise that I am enamored with them. Check out her site to see some amazing looking installations and some more sculptural pieces as well.

via Notcot

FLICKR MONDAYS-“Nothing is clear”

Happy Monday!

Really excited that we have a short week at work with lots of home-cooked meals to look forward to at the end of the week!

Ran across this beautifully curated flickr gallery by “Kid_Curry.” These photos remind me how pretty and cozy fog can be.


Globe Chandelier

Continuing the globe trend from earlier in the week, I present to you this amazing globe chandelier from Benoit Vieubled. So lovely.

via Black Eiffel