Etsy Schmetsy: It’s me Ned. Ned Ryerson!

So yesterday was Groundhog’s Day, and Punxsutawney Phil did indeed see his shadow. Which means, for those of you not as up on minor holidays as us at the ‘Agree, six more weeks of winter. In honor of groundhogs, shadows and a long winter, here’s this week’s Schmetsy:




Row 1:

Groundhog Cupid rubber stamp by Rubberhedgehog

Vintage Paint by Number Painting by sweetcottagedreams

Groundhog money clip by SantanaBananaCompany

Row 2:

Shadows in the Snow pendant by ebonypaws

Tiny Groundhog by MossMountain

Shh Shadow felt coasters by studiowonjun

Row 3:

Bandit Groundhog by violastudio

Bill Murray shirt by WeHateTshirts

The Hirsute Hedgehog print by johnwgolden