Etsy Shmetsy: sneer

Want to come across a bit edgier? Let Etsy help you cultivate a punk sneer!


Step 1: Make scornful fun of your own music taste and that of others using exquisite and hilaré  letterpress cards. “5 Things I have learned from the in-depth reading of Ice Ice Baby: The Extraordinary Vanilla Ice Story, an Unauthorized Biography” card from rookery, or this incredible the Smiths card from kseniya.


Step 2: accessorize a little ooky. You know, slightly Addam’s Family, slightly Ghost World. I recommend these old hi-fi pins from potatopotato with their beautiful vintage type. And/or this skeleton hands sweater clip from ItsASwindle — which of course necessitate wearing the right sort of sweater.


Step 3: reference the cult canon. For instance, VenusFlytrapJewelsBanksy cufflinks (a pirate edition of renegade art. Be sure to point out the irony). Or FableAndFury‘s Clockwork Orange prisoner number necklace, a reference so awesomely obscure it might as well be a tally of the cool points you garner by wearing it.


Step 4: Don’t forget! First, Prettiness can be punk (courtesy of BeatUpCreations) and, for god’s sake wear the shark shirt (courtesy of darkcycleclothing).