Raffle for Japan

There are a number of artists and designers creating work to help in Japan — including Scout Books, Jesse LeDoux via Tiny Showcase, and W+K Studio to name a few. But, we just heard from Diem Chau (who we’ve blogged about in the past 1, 2) that she is holding a raffle on her site to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross Society. Raffle tickets will cost $10 and two winners will be selected at random to receive a 3-crayon family portrait. She’s already sold 400 tickets and is aiming to sell 1000 by March 23 when the raffle ends. Diem is donating 100% of the raffle earnings to Red Cross, so it seems like an awesome way to help out and maybe get some art in the process.

Complete raffle details can be found on her blog. If art isn’t your thing, you can donate directly to a number of organizations here.

Write the Future

You’ve probably noticed that the World Cup is going on, with people cheering in bars at 6am and taking large swaths out of their workday to watch another 0-0 tied match. If you haven’t been personally caught in the fever, you might not yet have seen Nike’s Write the Future ad, which is, in addition to soccerfantastic, also funny and smartly done and unbelievably ambitious.

Here’s an interview about the making-of (Weiden+Kennedy Amsterdam, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu of Amores Perros in case you wondered).

And Diem Chau, whose embroidery we featured a while back, handcarved crayons as part of the press kits they sent out in conjunction with the ad. Lovely — many more pics and more information at her blog.