David Fullarton

We Experts are always on the lookout for new (or at least new-to-us) artists over whose work we can swoon. This time it’s David Fullarton.

Fullarton’s art celebrates the banality of daily life, interpersonal communication and modern culture with obsessive humor and observational wit. He plays with context and gives simple phrases new meaning through their juxtaposition with unexpected imagery.

Charts and graphs that embody uncomfortable silences and compulsive criticism? Passive-aggressive faux bulletin-board messages? Notebooks filled with intimate trivialities and ephemera? Miscellany, words and understated colors? Count me in.

Originally from Scotland, Fullarton lives in San Francisco (!) with his wife and kids.

I love so much of Fullarton’s work that it’s difficult for me to pare it down to fit in a post, so enjoy more pieces after the jump.


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