Etsy Schmetsy: Dia de los Muertos

In honor of the season, this week’s Etsy Schmetsy is inspired by el Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead or All Souls’ Day), with a special tribute to these fantastic Star Wars calaveras gocco serigraphs by Mis Nopales Art (first row).


First Row: Star Couple, Chewbacca Calavera and Ewok Calaveras Limited Edition Gocco Serigraphs by Mis Nopales Art

Row 2: X-Large Blank Sugar Skulls by Licorice Tree; Day of the Dead Kitty Large Magnet by Illustrated Ink; Ignacio Dia de los Muertos Painted Gourd Calaca Skull Wall Ornament by Ay Mujer

Row 3: Dia del Muerto Cookies by FunFavors; Small Bright-Colored Skull Garland by Raw Bone Studio

Row 4: Mini Day of the Dead Shrine Magnet by krakenmosaics; Dia de los Muertos Skull and Rose Necklace by Sparklynn; Let’s Dance Skull Fiesta Gift Tags by wearwolf

Row 5: Cupid Muerte Dead Reindeer by Carmela Jay; The Little Skeleton and Coffin of Mr. Felix R. Schmidt by WalkerWorld; Dia de los Presidentes Muertos Linocut by Monstrous Industries