Etsy Schmetsy: Back to School

I think I speak for all of The Experts when I say that we LOVE school. Since it’s that time of year again, here is an Etsy Schmetsy to get you back in the schooltime swing of things.


Row 1: One Inch Ruler Necklace by Chrys Designs Jewelry; Mini Pocketbook by hooray design shop

Row 2: Vintage School Globe from Nellie Loves Vintage; Rustic Maple Log Pencil Holder by Made in the Hudson Valley

Row 3: Vintage Metal Lunch Box and Thermos Set from ShaneLilyRain; Green Apple Earrings from Belle’s Booty

Row 4: Funny Animal Bag by Ployly Mingzy Bb; Japanese School Uniform by Blythe Kingdom

Row 5: Pencil Pouch in Blue with Two Pockets by aylla; Geographie Vintage 1939 French School Book from petit vintage

Etsy Schmetsy: Paint my numbers



Credits and comments after the jump!

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Etsy Schmetsy: Flights of Fancy

Travel 1travel 4travel 11
travel 9travel 7travel 8
travel 2travel 3travel 10
travel 5travel 6

Row 1: Flight schedule clutch from simbiosisbyjulia; I Love to Travel necklace from wingandwendy; Vintage Train Case from LovelyVintageEtc
Row 2: Plane photograph from emporium51; Cloth napkins from girlscantell; Biplane t-shirt from ecozuzu
Row 3: Fly Away With Me necklace from yellowgoat; Orange Blaze passport case from tinymeat; Biplane photo from PhotoNode
Row 4: Airplane earrings from laurenanabela; JFK stationery set from jetsetpaper

Planning a trip can feel like both the most exciting AND the most overwhelming part of travel. Sure, creating a Pinterest board full of gorgeous pictures is fun, but then you start trying to figure out the actual logistics and it hits you … oh god, this is SO MUCH WORK. Cue panic attacks. Wow, I totally just described our wedding planning process, too. Anyone else?

But planning a trip doesn’t have to be the source of constant anxiety and overwhelm! Through the years, I’ve perfected my trip planning process, and I’ve got it down to a fine science. Er, well, maybe not a science, but sort of like a general step-by-step outline.  Breaking down each of the steps to planning a trip helps me cut through the confusion and  tackle stuff in a practical, down to earth way. Plus, it makes me feel like the most organized person on the planet, which is VERY good for my ego.

At the end of my planning process, I end up with a big ol’ document containing all of the information I need for my trip: everything from where I’m staying and how to get there, to what to eat. I take that document with me and refer to it constantly during my trip. And then I come home and turn it into a blog post, for you! It’s like recycling in the digital age.

I’m going to teach you ALL of my travel planning tips, and by the end of this massive guide, you’ll be ITCHING to plan some fabulous vacation.

By the way: I’ve fully tested this entire process on Jeremy. I actually don’t plan most of our travels anymore – he does! During our year-long honeymoon, I downloaded all of my travel planning knowledge into his beautiful ginger head, and he completely took the task off my shoulders, bless him. We both use the exact process outlined in this post.


Sometimes you know you want to go somewhere, but don’t yet know exactly where. This is step 1 of how to plan a trip! Browsing for travel destinations  with an open mind can be really fun (and a little addictive)! Here’s how we figure out where to go when we plan travel.

  • We scour pictures on reddit or Pinterest for destinations that look incredible, and then google that location for more information.
  •  We shop on AirBnB like we’re browsing for clothes, making wishlists of places to visit. Once we find an amazing AirBnB, we’ll Google the town it’s in. We’ve planned a lot of trips to places we’d never heard of before using this method!
  • We search on Googe Flights, which can show you the cost of flying everywhere in the world from your home town on the dates you specify. We’ve scored some great deals on places we might not have otherwise visited! There are many different ways to travel in Vietnam

Once you’ve figured out where you’re going and booked your trip, the fun part starts!

Basilica del Voto Nacional in Quito, Ecuador

One thing to do in Quito, Ecuador? Visiting the awesome Basilica del Voto Nacional in the Centro Historico. Research done.


This is always the most fun part of planning for a trip: finding all the amazing things we’ll do once we arrive!

This is the second step of our planning process. We compile a list of things we’re interested in for our destination: a few museums, a couple of cool neighborhoods to explore, a few food recommendations, some walking tours, that sort of thing. We open up a brand new document – like a shared Google Doc that we can each contribute to – and just start dumping them all in. We’ll go back and edit it down later.

The hardest part of this step is finding things to do.  Sure, you can always Google “best things to do in [insert destination]” but that can take a lot of time to sift through, and it doesn’t always get us off the beaten path, which is our preferred style. Instead of generic travel advice, we prefer first-hand suggestions from travelers who’ve actually been there before – it’s why we like travel blogs so much!

One of our favorite places to search for travel tips? Pinterest! Pinterest is my favorite visual search engine and it’s full of fantastic travel articles and travel tips. Just search for your destination and you’ll find loads of travel articles that will help you plan your trip! I like to compile a Pinterest board for each destination I’m planning to visit, so even if I don’t have time to copy/paste stuff into my document, I can at least save articles to look at later.

Here are our other go-to resources:

  • WikiVoyage is super helpful for planning for a trip. It’s basically like Wikipedia, but for travel! Compiled by travelers and frequently updated, you’ll find everything from where to go and what to do, to how to get around and other useful information.
  • I like using the /r/travel subreddit or Trip Advisor to pull suggestions. Again, search for your destination and see what comes up from other travelers. This can be a gold mine of specific, first-hand experiences and suggestions. You can find some real gems here if you dig deep enough!

As you find things that sound interesting, throw everything into your travel document. Literally just copy/paste it all in there.

At first, your list will be enormous, but eventually you’ll go through it and remove everything that’s repetitive or doesn’t pique your interest now that you’ve found other cool stuff to do.

Casa Colibri Hospedaje in Minca, Colombia.

Etsy Schmetsy: Take me to your cuteness!

Everybody’s just trying to make it in this crazy world: robots and aliens alike. Here are a few Etsy finds inspired by the mechanized marvels and their wacky ways.


Row 1: Big Blocker Wooden Robot From Reclaimed Wood by William Dohman; Land of Cupcakes by ouou; My New Robot Set of 3 Prints by fall down tree

Row 2: Robot Illustration by LMNOPrint; Biking Robot Embroidery by Naomi Cayne

Row 3: Sock Monkey Robot Plush Toy by Black Bird Fashion; Robot Pirate by chicalookate; Robot Anton Android Crochet Pattern by DesignShop

Row 4: “You’re a lunatic with a madman’s dream of a milk-proof robot.” by Ryan Abegglen; Robot Man in Plaid by Mimi Kirchner; Robot Alphabet (Alphabot) by Bold & Noble

Etsy Schmetsy: Palest Green


Row 1: vesselsandwares; leptitpapillon; staceywinters
Row 2: BrazanDesign; lojoclayworks: OldSchoolStationers
Row 3: englerglass; urbandesign; NorahSmith
Row 4: robynnmolino; michelemaule

Missed Connections

In a similar vein as Linzie Hunter’s illustrated spam and Cardon Webb’s redesigned posted fliers, Sophie Blackall has been working on a series of illustrations of missed-connections ads. I think there is something really charming about writing a missed-connection ad, though I’m somewhat curious if they ever work. These prints are as charming and sweet as the ads they illustrate and are available for purchase at her etsy shop.


See a few more of our favorites after the jump.

via Greedy Girl.

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Etsy Schmetsy: One Lump or Two?

We Experts are big into tea. Hot tea, iced tea, sweet tea, high tea, tea parties—you name it, we love it. We’re enamored of the pageantry, the accoutrements and—of course—the drink itself. Please enjoy our Etsy homage to this lovely aromatic beverage.canada goose mens jacket


Row 1: Green Tea with Lichen by weegreenspot; Tea Anyone Teapot Cross Stitch Pattern by andwabisabi; Vanilla Rooibos Loose Tea by ruaTEA

Row 2: Vintage Blue Floral Teacup Candle by Alice Gabb; Fancy a Brew Tea Towel by MrPS; Teacup Ring by The Lovely Teaspoon

Row 3: Hello Tree Cup Card by Amy Blackwell; Volatile Tea (Original Drawing) by Racheal Anilyse; A Mad Tea-Party by Isabella’s Art

Row 4: Pinky Pinky Tea Cup Soy Wax Candle by TwilightSpells; Silver Tiny Whimsical Teapot Ring by A.N. Original Jewelry; Mini Wall Hanging Clock by decoylab

Row 5: Springtime Print by Tummy Mountain

canada goose womens



We have another new card in our Etsy shop. We’re pretty psyched about this card and had a lot of fun experimenting with the Gocco process inks. We think that the combination of process colors and xerox-y reticulation make this card perfect for the design geek, 80s punk, zinester, electroclasher or grandmother in your life.


Etsy Schmetsy: Gnifty & Gnoteworthy Gnomes

I think part of my desire to live in a little log cabin in the woods is the magical mystique that the forest boasts. I figure I would be bound to befriend woodland creatures of all shapes and sizes—including, perhaps, a gnome or two. Enjoy some of my favorite gnome-y Etsy finds.


Row 1: Porcelain Garden Gnome by Brooklyn Rehab; Gnome on Mushroom with Cake and Ladybug print by Steve Morris; Little Bearded Gnome (Harold) by Knitting Nellie

Row 2: Little Gnome Embroidery by Cooplet; Gnome Bowling by Sarah Apple

Row 3: The Rescue (Mini Chic) by The Librarian; Gnome at Dusk Pillow by Pixelknit; Gnome Love print by Kali Meadows

Vivian Bratone


My friend Vivian has just opened an Etsy shop, VivianB, selling prints of her photography. I am really enjoying the Float series (see two more from the series after the jump), but some of her other prints are really lovely too. See more of Vivian’s photography on flickr and in her new shop.


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