TypograFriday: five font games

Like type, but have have some free time on your hands? Long ago we introduced you to the great diversion, the Deep font game. Here’s five more.

The Rather Difficult Font Game. Hosted by iLT, lovely design and no time limit unlike the Deep game, this one is font-snobbery’s teatime test. There’s also an app store version.

Is it Ariel or Helvetica. Font ID test with only two fonts; shames you into learning the differences.

Ariel vs Helvetica When you tire of identifying the distinction, it’s time to move on to the streetfighter-style brawling game between the rival sans.


Cheese or Font. Sort of a one-note joke but I was surprised by how many I’d never heard of and guessed wrong on.fontgame_cheese

KERN for iPhone/iPod touch. Like Tetris meets The Eyeballing Game with letters. I know a few experts who’d love this… if it weren’t so close to what they’ve spent a zillion hours getting paid to do.



While looking at Swiss Miss today, I came across this awesome Superhero Magnetic Pixels puzzle and was reminded how much I like Kikkerland. Kikkerland sells an amazingly diverse range of super-clever products from anatomical models to globes to cufflinks. I think this pixel puzzle would make a really fun gift for both designers and superhero fans.

Check out a few more of our favorites after the jump.

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Test your eyeballs


Another way to pass the time while keeping yourself sharp.

We have been OBSESSED with this game. Seriously. Dangerously so, in fact. I have to remind myself to take a breath when I get too into it.

The latest diversion

A great way to waste time while honing your type skills:

Deep Font Challenge

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