The Impossible Instant Lab

So geeky, so fabulous and a little absurd, it’s the The Impossible Instant Lab! The latest product from The Impossible Project aims to help revive the joy of Polaroids, this time taking pictures from your iPhone and turning them into the instant photos of yesteryear. I used to love taking Polaroids at parties and I cannot wait to play with this crazy melding of old and new technologies, check it out here.

Jessica and I have both pitched in on Kickstarter to make this iPhone-polaroid-fabulousness a reality. The Impossible Instant Lab has reached its goal with 23 days still to go on the fundraising effort. There is still time to get yours; visit kickstarter before October 8th to pre-order the Instant Lab.

Is it a necessity? Obviously no. Is it awesome? I think that’s pretty clear.

To Resolve Project

Have you been following the To Resolve Project over at Motherland? I think it is a pretty genius idea. Here is a little bit about the project from Chris:

TO RESOLVE PROJECT is something that came about when I started talking new years resolutions with my girlfriend. You create a list, stuff it away in a drawer and it never sees the light of day till the year has passed. I decide to ask as many talented designers I know (or don’t know) to create a resolution for the new year as an iPhone wallpaper. It’s the one thing I do look at every day. This way you not only get a daily reminder, but you get a very stylish daily reminder at that. From now up until the new year I will be posting them as they come in, so check back often. Can’t find one to fit your needs, then just download the template HERE and add to the project. No restrictions, so lets have some fun with it.

I’m not sure if he is still accepting submissions, but even if you just made one for yourself, it could be pretty great. Here’s a small sampling of some of my favorites. Check them all out on Motherland.

Kitty Caller

pink kittybright pink kittyblue kitty
It is a really good thing that I read The Donut Project. Without it, who knows how long I would have waited to learn about the fantasticness that is Kitty Caller. Sure it is basically totally unnecessary, but it makes dialing the phone way more fun. It’s the best 99¢ I’ve spent in a long time.



Hipstamatic is a little $1.99 app that we’ve had a lot of fun playing with over the holidays. It treats your iPhone pictures as you shoot them, applying filters and edge effects. Nothing we couldn’t do ourselves in Photoshop, but to have it happen semi-instantly is pretty rad and makes me feel way better about the iPhone’s dinky camera. The user interface is brilliantly analog retro, and there are alternate lens/film/flash pals at a small cost.

iPhone Stencil Kit



In honor of the imminent arrival of my new phone, here’s the fantastic iPhone Stencil Kit from Design Commission. I don’t design apps, but I love stencils. I also love products that have very specific use.

via Twig and Thistle

Lightwriter iPhone app


I know where I’m spending my next ninety nine cents. I’ll show pictures with funner text than this one once I’ve got it working. And I’ll be the one totally flashing messages at incoming and outgoing BART trains….

Oh, readership: do you have iphones/ipod touches? Is it cool for us to post about why you should, if you don’t?