Etsy Schmetsy: Apple Announcement

Where I’m from, Apple announcements and iPhone preorders selling out in 20 hours are the stuff workdays are made of. But what about the other sort, the apples of which one a day is said to keep the doctor away?




row 1: Vintage brass apple container from iadoreit, baby hat with worm by TheCheekyGirl, ukelele by celantanowoodworks

row 2: German vintage plastic apples from spacejam, fruit memo set from kawaiithings, blossoming trees photograph by irenesuchocki

row 3: knit cozy by jacquelineknits, apron dress top by lilyssuitcase, handbound book with lie-flat binding by vivamadeira

Etsy Schmetsy: Cozying Up

Living in San Francisco, we’re all used to schlepping tons of layers around with us — I always have a pair of arm warmers in my bag and generally carry a scarf. While these lovely Etsy finds are always appropriate in San Francisco, for those of you who actually experience seasons, they will help ease your transition into the cooler weather in style.


Row 1: Overcast; DeNovoStyle; kmknits
Row 2: deliriumkredens; rimadesigns; adventuresofjr
Row 3: CoquelicotSalon; adventuresofjr; ToastyKnits

warm and fuzzy


I seem incapable of thinking about anything that isn’t Blythe-related these days. Luckily for me, another gem arrived in the mail today. This yellow “pointy helmet” from Lunitas Knitting Shop is ridiculously adorable and makes me feel all warm and cheery.