Contemporary Embroidery

I’ve been thinking a lot about embroidery since we featured Evelin Kasikov’s awesome embroidered CMYK typography. But, Evelin Kasikov isn’t the only contemporary artist putting a new spin on this ancient art form. If you’re into embroidery — and even if you aren’t — you should definitely check out the three artists below.

Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart is generally credited with making embroidery cool again. She’s provided hip embroidery patterns to the masses since 2001 with her company Sublime Stitching. In her personal work, she makes amazingly intricate portraits.


Diem Chau

Diem Chau makes really lovely sculptures of dinnerware and embroidery.


Lauren DiCioccio

I’d seen some of Lauren DiCioccio’s prints on 20×200, but just discovered her embroidered work. I wish I’d seen it a lot sooner, because I think it is awesome. The newspaper front pages are probably my favorite, but the 35mm slides are pretty great too.


Read on to see a few more pieces by each of these artists.

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