Negative Space

We’re firm believers that a logo needs to work equally well in black-and-white as it does in color. Logo Design Love has compiled an awesome selection of logos that work fantastically in one color and put their negative space to great use.guild-food-writers-logoogden-plumbing-logo

And while we’re on the topic of negative space, have you seen Noma Bar‘s work? He has a new book, so his illustrations have been floating around on a lot of blogs in the past few weeks, but for good reason. His work is just awesome.Noma-1

Logo Credits:
TOP: Ogden Plumbing logo by Astuteo (left); Guild of Food Writers logo by 300million (right)
BOTTOM: Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance logo by buddy (left); WWF
By Sir Peter Scott, modified by Landor (right)

Tastes Change

For the past few days, this image has been circulating on many design blogs. In fact, when I first saw it I thought about posting it, but something seemed wrong. Well, Armin over at Brand New, has revised the chart and given us a very thorough look back at the changes in both logos—definitely worth checking out.

The revised chart does still come to a similar conclusion as the original chart—that Coke has stayed remarkably consistent as Pepsi has fidgeted to match the times—but it is pretty interesting to see the evolution.


I am also kind of fond of this fun (albeit incongruous) one from 1890-1891, found in a pdf from Coke (via a commenter at Brand New).