Etsy Schmetsy: cmd-s for later



Row 1:

  • Susan Kare’s pointer arrow became an icon of GUI and computing in general and is sort of overused in, say, ads of the last 10 years. However this inverted oversized heavy duty pointer cursor pin from qwertyfun is pretty snazzy and comes in a a swell package.
  • Speaking of Susan Kare, Toybreaker maintains that her Paint bucket icon tie is done in collaboration with Diesel Sweeties. Now, I’ve loved me some DieselSweeties in my time but that paint can is totally Kare/Apple/MacPaint/1984. That said, its aliased diagonals work fantastic on the diamond end of a tie.
  • There are plenty of etsy sellers that make upcycled jewelry from keyboards, but these silver-bezel set fkey vol up/down key earrings by creativedexterity are some of the nicest I have seen.

Row 2:

  • Gotta love a command-z joke: nothing says “I am ready to regret this evening” than going out with it around your neck. Undo necklace by plastique.
  • While not as retro as much of the rest of this list, the Photoshop (Cs4) icon pillow by Craftsquatch makes me happy with its combination of cutting edge and fleece.
  • I think computer users from the 80s will appreciate the 25 conductor cable belt by digiBling. Pretty sure I remember this running to the print ribbon of my ImageWriter.

Row 3:

  • If I haven’t made it clear already, I was an Apple fan from the days of the rainbow logo and bauhausy “Cupertino” type. If I could pull off a mesh cap without looking totally absurd I’d totally rock the Vintage Apple trucker cap from housenmouse.
  • I may have to snatch up the circuitboard cufflinks on sale at VioletsNewVintage: yes circuitboard art may also be a cliche, but upcycled circuitboards are rarely cut with such considered composition; truly lovely.
  • Finally, we try not to feature the same sellers repeatedly on Schmetsies and I know I featured WeHateTShirts just last week with their Bill Murray shirt. However, when I looked at their shop last week I saw this Susan Kare (again) Smiley Mac/ITC Garamond Condensed/Brokeback Mountain mashup I wish I could force quit you shirt: the inspiration for this whole post.

Etsy day: Handmade pixellations






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