The Wilderness Downtown


There are days when writing a blog is a little tough — days when it seems like there isn’t anything new or cool out there. And then there are days when you see something like this, and it is so cool that it more than makes up for the days that were less than inspiring. It is a collaboration between the fantastic Canadian band Arcade Fire and artist Chris Milk, and built with the help of some of the minds at Google. I don’t want to ruin it by talking about it too much, just take a look.

After you watch it, you can learn more about the project here.

Thanks Chrissy for sending the link!

Matthew Tischler


We’re really enjoying the “Screen Series” photos from New York photographer Matthew Tischler. By having the screens they are shot through be the object that is in focus, they make pixellations of the background scenes in a very analog way: the Tetris-y lines of raindrops, a scene that looks like a blowup of an 80s console game replete with faceless sprites, a blur that looks like low resolution television is really just focal length. I am reminded of the dreamlike qualities of closeups of television images in films like Until the End of the World, Blue Velvet, Videodrome or John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. And of course nothing says summer in the South (and thus nostalgia) like a screen door.





The first print above, with the rain, is available inexpensively through 20×200.

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