Kate wants your Mixtapes


I’ve been a fan of Kate Bingaman-Burt’s ongoing project Obsessive Consumption for quite some time. If you aren’t familiar with it, I recommend spending some time checking out the tons of illustrations she has on flickr .


Now she is working on a new project and she wants your mixtapes. Mixtapes have played an important role in my life — if I can unearth some of the mixtape masterpieces that Sivan and I made, I will definitely send them in. Read below for Kate’s description of the project and submission information:

It is official. Mixtapes are almost impossible to find in the wild. Big thrift stores don’t carry them, small thrift stores sometimes have them, but not often. People are more likely to throw away or keep a mixtape instead of donating them to their local thrift store. Even when you donate to the goodwill they throw them away.

So, I want to draw your mixtapes. I want your sad songs, you love jams, your sing at the top of your lungs car tunes, your break-up tape, your make-up tape and your BFF-4evah cassette.

I am only drawing the tape. If you want to participate, please snap a picture of the best side of your favorite tape and email it to me or upload it to your flickrstream and let me know.

Check out some of the drawings of the tapes that I have already received.