The Kelly Moore Bag

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We are planning a trip and I really wanted a way to carry my camera other than throwing it into a purse. Before Christmas I saw the Kelly Moore bag on Uppercase and thought it looked like the perfect solution. I was going to post about it right away, but the bags were all pre-orders, and I wanted to see if they were as great in person as they looked on the site.

Well my bag arrived and it is fantastic. I can’t wait to start using it. It looks like it is really well made and is big enough that I don’t think I’ll need to carry a separate purse or a fishing sling bag on my trip.. Plus, since is it way prettier than a normal camera bag, not everyone will know you have a camera with you. The bags come in some really great colors and she is working on a camera bag for men too, so soon there will be a stylish camera bag option for everyone.

UPDATE: Enter the code BLOGLOVE for $50 off a Kelly Moore bag!


Etsy Schmetsy: Purses!

Purses, handbags, pocketbooks, clutches; they’re all fantastic in my book. If you too are a handbag afficionado, you owe it to yourself to check out these lovely finds from etsy.


Row 1:
This gorgeous metallic upcycled vintage clutch by brittnilaur will be a hit at any holiday fête.
I think this clean, classic black-and-white clutch from JuliaSherryDesigns is lovely and its bright pink dupioni lining really pushes it over the top.
This bag from bagonia was the inspiration for this week’s Schmetsy — I love the modern, feminine take on an old-fashioned doctor’s bag.

Row 2:
Owen bought me this bag from neikodesigns a few years ago for my birthday and it remains one of my favorites — I always get compliments when I carry it and it is incredibly well made.
I always like DrikaB‘s color and fabric combinations, and the Red Salander Wristlet doesn’t disappoint.
I couldn’t resist including a second bag from bagonia; it is just adorable.

Row 3:
I love the texture and detail on this Ninfea (water lily) bag from ninu.
While I do love little bags, I have a tendency to carry a lot of stuff and this Rabbit bag from artoncrafts seems large enough to schlep all my stuff and then some.
This mini-clutch in its de Stijl-esque fabric from Bagitarian would be equally cute on its own or carrying essentials in a larger bag.

Etsy Schmetsy: Loads of Totes

Whether you are carrying around a sketchbook and tools or you’re headed off to the flea market or grocery store, a tote is totally the accessory you need. It has become a vehicle for self-expression, more fashionable and functional than a tee shirt.


Row 1: LAYERxlayer; raeburn ink; Moop
Row 2: Bao Studio; The Small Object; Happy Cat
Row 3: Loyalty & Blood; Rainbow Swirlz; Sveika
Row 4: golcar house; Pat&Cake; Happy Family
Row 5: Ginnip; Lotay10; mycutehandbags