Etsy Schmetsy: Shark Week!

We know, we know. It’s been about 400 million years since we did a Schmetsy, which is fitting since that’s almost as long as our fine, featured, fearsome finned friends have been kicking around. In honor of those strong, shrewd stewards of the sea (and everyone’s favorite annual event), this week’s Schmetsy celebrates Shark Week!

Row 1: Monster Shark Can Cozy by Handamade; Great White Shark Silhouette Necklace by ANORIGINALJEWELRY; Tiny Felt Hammerhead Shark by nicolaluke

Row 2: Handknit Shark Mittens by ifallthraindrops; San Jose Shark Attack Boutonniere by frittsrosenow

Row 3: Shark Tote by biancasbaby; Double Chain Gold Shark Tooth Necklace by Emmarose1231; Shark Punch T-shirt by sharpshirter; Jaws Bird Handmade Felt Bird by TweetandTweed

Row 4: Shark Bottle Opener by berkleyillustration; Cute Shark Felt Pin by LuluLyna

Row 5: Shark Masks Print by MATTY8080; What Are You Doing For Shark Week Button by allisonbook; Simon The Shark Pet Sleeping Bag by rikarika

Etsy Shmetsy: sneer

Want to come across a bit edgier? Let Etsy help you cultivate a punk sneer!


Step 1: Make scornful fun of your own music taste and that of others using exquisite and hilaré  letterpress cards. “5 Things I have learned from the in-depth reading of Ice Ice Baby: The Extraordinary Vanilla Ice Story, an Unauthorized Biography” card from rookery, or this incredible the Smiths card from kseniya.


Step 2: accessorize a little ooky. You know, slightly Addam’s Family, slightly Ghost World. I recommend these old hi-fi pins from potatopotato with their beautiful vintage type. And/or this skeleton hands sweater clip from ItsASwindle — which of course necessitate wearing the right sort of sweater.


Step 3: reference the cult canon. For instance, VenusFlytrapJewelsBanksy cufflinks (a pirate edition of renegade art. Be sure to point out the irony). Or FableAndFury‘s Clockwork Orange prisoner number necklace, a reference so awesomely obscure it might as well be a tally of the cool points you garner by wearing it.


Step 4: Don’t forget! First, Prettiness can be punk (courtesy of BeatUpCreations) and, for god’s sake wear the shark shirt (courtesy of darkcycleclothing).