Holga + another dimension


Is anyone else as crazy excited as we are about the Holga Stereo 3D? Since the experts are all pretty nerdy when it comes to interesting cameras, and since we LOVE stereo-photography applications (like lenticulars and View-Masters), this is right up our collective alley.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Holga, it’s a medium-format camera with a huge cult following, garnered mostly for it’s unabashed unpredictability (light leaks, discoloration, vignetting, questionable exposures), which produces some interesting results. People have been modifying Holgas for a while now to create the stereo effect, but a bona fide Holga-produced version finally made it to the market in late 2008.

I am so getting one. Oh, and there’s a 3D pinhole Holga out there now, too. Swoon.