Stop motion+paper awesomeness

You may have seen this on a blog or two in the last few days. If you haven’t watched it, take the time to do so now. It’s a New Zealand Book Council moody stopmotion cut paper animation.

It’s pretty great though only my second or maybe third favorite stopmotion paper animation. This one for Onitsuka Tiger clearly has some fancy computer trickery but is mostly folded paper.

And don’t forget the photo stop motion with wolf and pig.

And if it’s more moody southern pacific animations you’re looking for, and you have a few minutes, my highest recommendation goes out to the Nick Cave-narrated award-winning Aussie animation masterpiece The Cat Piano. It’s not cut paper or folded paper but it’s all sorts of brilliant.


What’s your favorite book trailer ever? Don’t have one? Yeah that’s not surprising. As an art form it’s nearly brand new, and very wide open. For instance, unlike a film or TV trailer,canada goose womens there is not footage to work with, usually no budget, and no conventions yet.

An unusual take for promoting a book, this one uses no voiceover and few words beyond the title and author. This trailer has a beautifully elegant restraint, and yet I bet a close viewing would reveal a detailed outline of the narrative.

Four more approaches in decreasing subtlety (including Pynchon and Sea Monsters) after the jump.

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